About CDNL

CDNLCommunity Development Network London (CDNL) was established in 2007 and has over 300 members The main purpose is to provide a voice for Community Workers in the London Region.

The aim is to hold 2-3 regional events per year, together with regular bulletins via an email list, which:

  • provide networking and informal peer support opportunities,
  • enable policy dissemination and critical discussion,
  • develop a campaigning capability to raise the profile of  community development
  • encourage the growth of CD networks,  at a local level and on key issues


CDNL links with London Empowerment Partnership (LEP), as part of its commitment to community development practitioners and CDX (the Community Development Exchange) the UK- wide membership organisation for community development.

The ethos of CDNL
We support the core values of community development:

  • Social justice
  • Self-determination (within which we emphasise the importance of resident led local initiatives)
  • Working and learning together
  • Sustainable communities
  • Participation
  • Reflective practice

Who should join CDNL?

CDNL is open to everyone in London who is doing community development (CD) work paid or unpaid including: active residents/community activists, workers (volunteer or paid) fully or partly supporting resident activists, voluntary sector CD workers and public agencies CD workers. Managers, policy workers & academics are also welcome. Participation is informal and in the form of a mailing list.


CDNL is administered by an independent volunteer collective. In return for CDNL’s contribution to the London Empowerment Partnership, the London Civic Forum (LCF) provide some basic  administrative support by maintaining the database and mailing list, emailing out the CDNL News Bulletins, providing some pages for CDNL on their website, and assisting with the main CDNL Forum meeting.

The Community Development Network London (CDNL) uses this space to publicise key documents about the organisation and governance of its programme, and about community development. To access the full list of London Civic Forum resources – including policy documents and reports – please visit London Civic Forum Resources page.

What is CDNL- Summary Overview